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About our partner HUSSON Intenational

•    A motivated, creative team!

HUSSON has a team of more than 100 highly qualified and responsible professionals working on the design, manufacture and installation of collective equipment across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

•    Four specialisms

HUSSON design, manufacture, sell, install and provide after-sales care for sports and play equipment for local authorities, theme parks, outdoor accommodation providers, hotel and restaurant chains, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement homes and many others besides.
HUSSON’s ambition is to provide equipment that offers unrivalled comfort and safety – playground equipment for children, multi-sports facilities for teenagers, and fitness equipment, street furniture and spectator seating for parents and grandparents.

•    Bringing global expertise to customers 

HUSSON have locations across the European Union and in many other countries. This means that they have highly qualified technical advisers near to you, ready to help you design and execute your projects.

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