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ASTRUM1 516520401 | Stilum

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Who does not dream of growing beyond themselves and climbing to dizzying heights? The new astrum of stilum is a challenge for small and large climbing artists with an accessible height of 4.50 meters. The extraordinary design in the form of a rocket offers numerous ideas for fantastic playing.

Stilum-Large-Play-Equipment-Astrum1-Photo1-1030x687 Stilum-Large-Play-Equipment-Astrum1-Photo4-1030x687 Stilum-Large-Play-Equipment-Astrum1-Photo3-1030x687 Stilum-Large-Play-Equipment-Astrum1-Photo2-1030x687 Stilum-Large-Play-Equipment-Astrum1-Photo5-1030x687

ASTRUM1 Climbing Equipment 516520401 | Stilum