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AS4685 Series Inspection Audit Forms & Checklists.

The AS4685 Series Inspection Audit Forms and Checklists are comprehensive playground audit/inspection checklists that are designed to assist and support the playground auditor and safety inspector. The checklist is user friendly and will easily assist in the identification of non-compliance to the AS4685 Australian Standards. The forms are sold as a set and the set includes six (6) comprehensive Auditor checklists – combination unit (general) swings, slides, carousels, rocking equipment, spatial network, and subscription to our on-line 12-month automatic electronic amendments and upgrades, if/as required).

The checklists are supplied via email and are licensed to the purchaser/agency. Updates are provided electronically only.

Note: It is strongly recommended that playground inspectors conducting playground audits should be experienced and accredited to the Australian Playground Auditor Level 1-3.

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