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Created in 1960, Husson International Group takes place today in the 1st row of the world manufacturers of recreational and sports equipment. Husson International offers a wide range of products known for their exceptional sturdiness, their very high level of security and for their innovative design.

Play by Husson:
Researchers agree on the crucial importance of play areas.
PLAYING is a vital need for children, as it contributes to all forms of development: physical, mental, sensory, emotional and social.
For each age and user category, HUSSON can offer the most suitable range.

Sport Equipment by Husson:
To encourage everyone to take more exercise, Husson offers multisports areas, outdoor fitness equipment, exercise courses and convivial sports areas for exercising in the open air, free from constraints, in all weathers.

Street furniture by Husson:
City planners and decision-makers are keen to leverage available public space and make each square, street and park contribute to the creation of a pleasant and convivial living environment for all.
Architects are creating ever more relevant public spaces, where nothing is left to chance. Every line they draw is there for a reason.

That is the demanding spirit in which we innovate, to offer complete and harmonious street furniture solutions.

See the complete street furniture range from Husson: benches, planters, bins, barriers and bollards, and much else. A complete high-quality street furniture collection to equip your public spaces and keep them clean and safe.

A complete street furniture range and tailored solutions created with you and for you by our in-house design department using powerful 3D systems for modelling, designing, prototypes and integration