Introducing PlayRight Australia

PlayRight Australia is the award-winning No.1 specialist in playground design, consultancy advice, maintenance and training. We understand the importance of safe playground fun and education for children. By combining these two essential development areas through our playground designs, we incorporate all the vital aspects of children’s physical, emotional, social, and psychological advancement, into our services and products.

Each child is unique and develops at their own pace, which is why we implement several principles into our playground designs.

Playgrounds are fun and they are designed to assist children’s social and safety skills, problem solving, and imagination. When children are presented with different challenges and social interactions in a public playground, they are exploring new territories which are essential to their social and safety skills, and personal growth.

After years of experience and research into playground safety and education, PlayRight Australia is proud to offer the following extensive services:

Our Vision: 

“PlayRight will be the recognised market leader in the provision of comprehensive and professional playground management, products, services and training.”

Our Mission:

“Respect, Protect and Fulfil Children’s Right to Play”

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